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Iphone 4

iPhone 4 Film - First YouTube Action Extreme Video out for the iPhone 4 at Pikes Peak. Will the Ducati crash on Pikes Peak? Watch and see! The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest event in the US behind the Indy 500. 6 time Pikes Peak Hill Climb champion, Greg Tracy, would be the pilot to the Ducati 1200cc Multistrada motorcycle and win his division. The Ducati Spider Grips team is one of passion, technology and innovation - coupled with two of the best motorcycle racers in the world, Greg Tracy and Alexander Smith (son of Malcolm Smith) - teamed with Seth Schaeffer, Hoptocopter Films and Chris Nazarenus, Triple Nickel Films, to produce a short form viral youtube film, filmed only on the newly released Apple iPhone 4 (iPhone 4). Apple launched their new phones on Thursday, June 24, 2010 only four days before On June 27, 2010 - the 88th running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. This film is shot on only Apple iPhone 4 phones, no color correction and with 8 iPhones. 4. Every clip was taken with Apple iPhone 4 video. The time lapse was done with the iPhone app time lapse.

In addition to Greg Tracy and Alexander Smith, other key racers include: Gary Trachy, Rhys Millen and additional unseen footage of Paul Dallenbach, Mike Ryan, Nobohiro Tajima, Malcolm Smith, Eddie Mulder to name a few, is part of what was shot on race day at the PIkes Peak International Hill Climb.

The score is by Luke Atencio.

We used Owle Bubos from wantowle.com. They're killer for getting stabilization real lens looks. We highly recommend them.

Additional team members (the ones who risked life and limb to shoot with an iPhone on a 14, 000 foot peak with 40 degrees in weather changing conditions, asphalt to dirt, 156 turns, 12.4 miles and 3000 foot drop offs include: Carrie Schaeffer, Andy DeVol, Rob Labig, Rick Beets, Adam Dawson and lucky number 13 previous Pikes Peak Hill Climb racer, Glen Cox. Footage includes: near crashes crash, pikes peak, record runs, iPhone 4 footage, etc. YouTube video, iphone 4 film

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